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The last year or so I worked from home.

Before that I worked in downtown Seattle, at times spending 3 hours a day commuting. Seattle is somewhat problematic for bugging out, especially if you have no options for bugging in and you live 20+ miles away like a lot of people do. I have more than once spent 6+ hours getting home from work when snowfall caught people by surprise and I had to sit in my car in traffic because most people don't know how to drive in snow.

Well, I am moving - finally. Out of state.

I was just checking out the routes to and from work for the area I want to live and where I will be working (not at home unfortunately). It is again a significant metro area - much smaller, but still metro. My routes for commuting and possibly having to bug out from work to get home are much better.

I have to go over some hills, so snow may be a factor again (it actually is more of a problem in the new locale as snow and freezing rain are more common there), but I don't have any bodies of water to cross and I have two alternate vehicular routes (besides the highway which will be my usual route to/from work) and two foot/bicycle routes that partially parallel some of the alternate vehicular routes.

But no real choke points, like bridges, large and deep bodies of water. Also, no real tsunami risks, lower terrorist target risk, lower volcano risk, lower earthquake risk.

The big improvement: I am much closer to my family. Within 15 minutes normal drive to my daughter, whereas before it was 4 hours. At worst, I can walk or bicycle from my workplace home, ~10 miles. From the area I will be living to my daughter's home is less than 10 miles - again, no choke points, although I would have to get through an urban area.

Also, I grew up in the rural area to the immediate west of the metro region. This general area is where I plan to retire, and I may be able to find a decent BOL within reasonable distance. The proximity of the metro city would still be a problem, but it is much better than where I am now.
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