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Curious whats in your bug-out bag? Im making my own and I want to make sure I dont forget a thing!

Cosmic Guardian
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cut and paste from another thread....


In my Maxpedition jumbo I have:
Fallkniven F1
1L nalgene bottle
GSI Stainless Steel Cup
Glock g30 plus three mags
100ft paracord
Datrex 3600 cal ration
2x contractor's garbage bags
Various Pens
Fenix TK10
Aluminum Alum Crystal (deodorant)
Water Puri Tabs
Change of socks
Small Towel for washing/bandage/sling etc.
Rubber section from a sling shot for tourniquet or to make a sling shot
Tinder Box (Altoids Tin) with cotton balls, char cloth, dryer ling
Benchmade 520 Folder
Extra Batteries
I also have a Rolly Polly Attached for use as a dump pouch.

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c and p'd

-BOB basic's-

Simple thing we all like to talk about ain't it? a BOB... yeah that green,camo,tan,pink nylon and metal blob sitting stuffed to the gills in your room or trunk.

There's a Load of info on the web of what a BOB should be,what it shouldn't and what the best one is. BOB's are a personal thing. What works for me wont work for you.
But there are some important things a BOB should be.
It should fit you, it should hold the amount of gear you've deemed necessary and it should be loaded to a weight you can physically handle.
On avg a 3 day BOB for a single person should weigh between 25- 30 LB's .
Now, i say on avg. because its 3 days. for 3 days you can go through a lot with out a lot.
But you still must be shelter'd,fed and hydrated.

This set up will handle what most of us as "survivalist" will ever have to go through in our lives, and may even double as your once a year backpacking trip set up.
Now on a full bore "crunch" set up your pack weights will go up of course.

From what I've seen folks will chose a few styles of packs. basically i narrow it down to 3 styles.
Surplus/military- Alice/molle or other large framed military packs.
Civy- internal/external framed packs
New Mil spec- BFM,eagle and other "3 day assault" frame less packs.

I feel that a framed pack of sorts is the only way to go once a extended stay BOB is packed or you want more than 3 days of gear. My reason is most framed packs are above 3500 cubes. This gives you Plenty of space to carry 3-5 days of gear or 3 days of gear and extras( deep winter clothing or extra food and ammo)
I say framed because once you exceed 25-30lbs i feel most frame less packs lack the support needed for those loads. The frame also allows you to tie off and add extra to the pack with out much effort or "felt" increase in weight due to their design.

We see a lot of "what should i pack" or buy for my BOB. For every BOB you need to make sure you have your basics covered before ANYTHING else. These are water,food and shelter. With out those 3 you will succumb to the elements.
Water, you should always have a way to store and filter it. Some of the more popular ways to store water are bladders or water bags like the Camelbak or Platypus.
These are light weight and easy to store in your pack. For example, most folks use a 2-3 liter , then have a Dromedary bags bag or Nalgenebottles for while in camp.
These are some of the best bets going now days for storage and use IMHO. Some opt for the old USGI canteen. this is a good stand by but their main fault is their 1 qt. capacity. These work better for line 2 or fighting loads IMHO. For a BOB a bladder for on the go hydration is best. You must remember though you are sipping h20 not drinking large amounts, this is the only down fall of having a bladder only set up. So it is best to combine them or force yourself to drink constantly while on the go!
Water filters there are many on the market. Two good choices are the MSR filters and the Katadyn line of filters. all are light weight and are proven in the field by military and backpackers across the world. If you chose not to have a filter you need to have at least some water tablets.

Food, for 3 days it isn't much but you have to make sure that you have enough packed to ensure your body gets what it needs! There are many pack meals out there from the MRE to freeze dried. From a BOB aspect you need to have both"hot" and cold meals. When using your BOB you may not have a fire or the chance or ability to cook. Having some fast eats is important.
MRE's are the best for on the good foods BUT they are heavy,even when broken down. But they are a great source of what you need to stay on top of things.
Freeze drieds or dried foods like Mountain house are great for in camp or when you need a hot meal. Their main advantage is that they weigh very little, their down fall is the price.
Dried foods like rice,noodles and soup mixes are also a good choice. these are light, and very cheap.
I like to pack lipton rice/pasta sides with some foil packed chicken added to it. Ive had very good luck with these infield,cook times are fast,price is low and there is enough food to even feed 2 if need be. Normal packages weigh in around 5-7oz's!
I pack one of these each day for the dinner meals and No cook meals for lunch, like MRE entrees or the foil packed chicken with some spices, trail mix or a energy bar.
Bagged tuna can also be used in simple meals or by itself along with salmon or dried beef. Of course i can go on and on about different foods but these are pretty basic meals and ones used by the majority of folks with BOB's since they are shelf stable for long periods.

Shelter. This is a VERY AO dependant choice along with personal comfort levels.
The most common shelter is the tent. For a BOB id stay with something under 5lbs like the Eureka spitfire or the Exponet Inyo 2 A tent like that will normally run you 50-150$ for a name brand or more if you really want fancy. Your shelter is the 2nd bulkiest and Heaviest item in your BOB, side from ammo and water.
Tarp/poncho, this is a very common item in BOB's and everyone has them. A small ultra light tarp or poncho will shelter a person easily even in harsh weather,if the rest of their shelter system is in order. The tarp can also add extra protection,concealmet to your tent. as a raincover,ground cloth in winter or a cooking/dinning fly/wind break. some of the smaller tents its a warm welcome to stretch your legs under a fly to cook instead of leaning out and trying to do it all from inside.
Clothing. yes this is shelter. with out clothing your exposed to the elements. The clothing you pack in your BOB is also very AO dependant. but a good basic set up is this.
Spare socks. i suggest that a wool blend like Smartwool or for hotter temps a Lycra spandex blend. cotton socks will work in hotter climates but in colder climates you'll want the moisture wicking of the others.
base layer. This is what you'll wear in cold temps or at night. The most common are Poly pro's,Polar max, Under armour and its knock offs. These all insulate you and keep moisture away from your body. wet is dead IMHO.
Outer shell. this is everything from a basic nylon windbreaker to a goretex parka. this keeps the wind off you and the water. The newer fabrics these days also breath(goretex) This also helps keep down your pack weight. a light weight goretex shell with a heavy poly pro fleece liner will serve most well through the majority of temps through out the year.
Also this includes extra clothing BDu's, zip off pant/short combos, gloves, watch caps, balaclava etc.
Now you see why i said this will be one of the most bulkiest items in your BOB.

that's the basics of a BOB. there is a ton of stuff you can pack in your BOB but with out those 3 things your gonna be hurting! This isn't an end all list , as gear is personal choices, and i left out a lot. This way others can chime in on what gear has worked for them and Hopefully help out some of the newcomers that are packing their 1st BOB.

ETA: more.

So now we have Food,shelter,water in your BOB.
These items are your 3 bulkiest items and sometimes the heaviest!
They are the 3 items you NEED to stay alive. Now what else would you want to carry in a BOB.
For one since you'll be using you BOB in a evac/stressful event you want a PLAN.
This doesn't go in your BOB(it could ) but its what will lead you to USE your BOB!
You ll want some tools,communications,nav gear and comfort items along with extras.

Tools- Tools are a wide variety of objects from a spare set of multi pliers to a decked out Mp5.
Some basic tools that a BOB should have or incorporate are-
multitool- a do all tool for small jobs and day to day work.

Knife- to stay basic you ll want a design that will do 99% of day to day work. Ive found that a good 4 -5 inch folder or fixed blade will do! My set up incorps the BK-7 along with my multitool and Gerber folder. i have large duty blades and the smaller folder/multiool for small work(also that's why there's a hacksaw blade in the sheath pouch )

Shovel- heavy item IMHO, and a waste of space. if you must a plastic garden trowel will work. most of what you need tis for is digging fire pits or to bury waste.

Axe/Saw- heavy item,, i think a axe is great but the large size is a big No no. the saw is the best bet IMHO. due to its size(Fiskars folding saw) and noise. an axe/hatchet you can hear for along ways off thump,,,thump,,,,thump.....

weapon- This is a tool that will vary form person to person.. for a NON tactical BO event the KISS rule applies. the most robust and simple to use weapon is the best choice. To me that would be a good bolt gun. I like the FR8 in 762x51nato.
again for a NON tactical use but with enough Umphh to take down what i need to!
sidearm- also a weapons tool. for our BOB... it should be a 22lr IMHO. your self defense sidearm should be part of your Line two or fighting gear NOT your BOB!
The 22lr sidearm is perfect for small game getting in a small compact package!

You've BO'd now what. When is it safe to go back, can you ever go back?

You need some way to communicate, be it am/fm/sw or HAM radio.
I don't really carry a lot of comms in my BOB because of their weight's and price right now.
I have a small am/fm/tv1-2 /noaa radio that is the size of a pack of cigs. Its my only Info gathering comms right now. besides my FRS/GRMS for P2P comm's.
Like weapons some ppl are heavy in this area.

You need to know where your going right? you do know don't you?
Nav gear is pretty basic.
a good compass that you KNOW how to use.
a good set of AO maps
a GPS- if you must
a set of batts for the GPS
know how to use the 1st two you wont need the GPS IMHO!

Comfort items-
These items are the misc. fluff and stuff we all carry. That ect bic lighter or pocket bible!
these are personal items that will make you BO a Lil cushy or a Lil more relaxing. a good wipe down with a set of wipes after 5 day son the trail without a bath may be a god send to some. while that nice soft wash cloth is what does it for you..or just the chance to read a few lines out of your bible.
IMHO there is no limit or list of what comfort items should be.. but they should NEVER out weigh or be taken over what you NEED,,,,

a older list of a 3 day pack.
packed/sans ammo,extra FAK ect.

pack- 3 day
Alice Med w/frame[red]6-7lb[/red]

3 - 2liter platypus bags [red].6 total[/red]
1- 2 liter bladder[red] est .10[/red]
1- 1liter nalgene in my hand
katdyne hiker[red].11[/red]
viral stop[red].4[/red]
Frontier filter [red].5[/red]

5x8ft custom tarp( on of my self made ones)[red] 5.5 oz[/red]
OD xxl(for room to layer) nylon zip upoutter shell
Brit fleece soldier 95 liner
No name UA style ss shirt
wool blend socks
OD shamgha(sp)
dikies Tan/black gloves
5x7 ground mat/tarp/windbreak( one i made )[red].4[/red]
Woodland camo Bivy sack[red]1lb[/red]
Under 45F-add
50f rated 1.5lbs bag[red]1.5lbs if used[/red]
under 30f
add- slumberjack pack lite 2 0f rated bag[red]4.5lbs if used[/red]
all clothing wrapped in the .3mil trash bag[red].3[/red]

2- lipton rice sides[red].7 each[/red]
2- 7oz packs of chicken[red].7 each[/red]
1- 3oz packof tuna[red].3[/red]
6- small single serv baggies of trail mix[red]est .4[/red]
6- cliff bars
each meal is sperrated in its own zip lock. ipull out eat,,trash.

4-folgers coffee tea bags
1-lipton green tea
4-packs of honey- from popeyes
5- packs of hot sauce -popeyes
4- lil signle use pack sof ms.dash lemon garlic and grillspice
2- packs of the jelly belly electrolyte beans
2- packs of MRE drink mix

1- spoon
1- 4 cup SS cup
1- length of foil folded over(2ft worth)
1-spare MRE matches
1- bic


BK7 with Blastmatch, small hacksaw blade and honeing stone in the sheath.
1-extra bic
25ft of small dia camp rope
25ft of550
8 stakes alum.
bug spray
2- insect repllant wipes-for fast use
BOB fishing kit
2- 1/2 rolls of TP
hygene kit- tooth brush,paste,wipes,eye drops, and 6 single use packs of biofreeze gel.

energiser 3 led lamp
key chain led on neck rope
compass on neck rope
Gruntline [red]packed for product review reasons[/red]
OD bandana
FRS/GRMS radio
AO maps(3)
FAK- basic
i set of 4 aaa batts

total weight w/out add'd winter bags is 25lbs.[red]ETA after adding a few itmes it is 27lbs with all listed above[/red]
this is for 3 days in temps over 45-50f. any lower or more than 3 days weight will be more!

edc- gerber folder
gerber 800 multi tool

true BOB:
will have
usgi poncho
4 spare mags 2- loaded and 100 extra rounds
spare compass
BDU shirt
ear plugs
bug net
BOK and larger FAK
4 mre entrees

bout it for extras. sides that in conjuction with a line 2 set up.. you should be able to extend the "BO" time 2-3 extra days IMHO.

ETA- weights and add on's

this link.
This came up last week in a thread.i dont carrythese anymore due to the need for h20. But i carry them in my day packs and travel kits. the worked well camping but for a BOB id rather not waste the h20.
pocket sudz
these are small 2 inchs long by 1/12 wide by 16th deep maybe and weigh bout 1 oz. they work well, when i di use them. YMMV
figured id drop that link here for others. walmart has them for 2 for 1$ in the travel section at times

Kelty 4500 internal frame pack
pack to support family/multi person and blend in better-


Katdyne hiker water filter
viral stop h20 drops
3- 2 liter platypus bladders
1- 2 liter bladder(in pack)
1- 1 liter nalgene
pa h20 tablets


Custom made tarp 5x8
SG bivy sack
Of rated slumber jack pack lite 2(spring/summer thisis sawpped out for a 50f rated bag)
Fleece /wool watch cap
fleece gloves
2- pair of socks
2- change of shirts
1- pair of underware
1- poly pro turtle neck
1- nylon wind breaker/rain jacket
1-usgi poncho
1-polar max pants
1- 5x8 ground tarp
1- brit fleece
OD bandana
boonie hat
8- alum stakes
all packed in frezzer bags


6 cliff bars
4 pasta meals
3- chicken(foil bagg's)
3- mre entrees
assorted-spices,condiments coffee/teas/drink mixes
single servings of trail mix per day( dried fruits nuts)
packed in frezzer bags
2- days worth of baby formula formula/ceral/foods


4 cup ss cup
50ft 550
25ft small dia. twine
BOB fishing kit
bug spray and wipes
face mask and gloves(bug netting)
led headlamp
AO maps
pin on compass
BK 7
honeing stone
small hack saw blade
multi tool
gerber folder
camo face paint
sewing kit
2 1/2 rolls of TP
spare AAA batts
pocket bible
MINI survival kit- fits in my cargo pants pocket. to supplement my EDC /line 1/personal gear.
baby wipes

blast match
3- bics
matches in h20 proof case
35mm film can with PJ and cotton balls wrapped with duct and electrical tape.
esbit stove
4 triox bars

baisc FAK with 2 combat dressings.
line 2 has my BOK nad extras in it. BOB kit is for scrtahes and bruses day in day out stuff.
hygene kit-
tooth brush and paste
baby wipes
eye drops

am/fm/sw radio
frs/grms radio's
cell phone
spare batts for all.

weapons support-
spare parts( FCG parts/springs)
4 spare rifle mags 2 loaded 2 empty
30 rnds of pistol ammo
100 rnds of rifle ammo.
cleaning kit.

YMMV/AO dependant blah blah blah..

Hope that helps.

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does anyone have any thoughts for this alice pack
it's a gi plus brand, never heard of em, but the descriptions on this pack seems promising
*Medium size with frame
* Dimensions: 20" x 19" 11"
* 3 large vented outside pockets
* Heavy padded shoulder straps
* Heavy duty anodized frame
* Many more useful features
* Enhanced Nylon Material for extra durability

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does anyone have any thoughts for this alice pack
it's a gi plus brand, never heard of em, but the descriptions on this pack seems promising
*Medium size with frame
* Dimensions: 20" x 19" 11"
* 3 large vented outside pockets
* Heavy padded shoulder straps
* Heavy duty anodized frame
* Many more useful features
* Enhanced Nylon Material for extra durability
imported junk more than likely. hit ebay you can pick up a good real used alice for under 20$
i use a med alice alot,even when i backpack. a list of what i carry in mine is listed above

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there is a tread on that :) but heres a few questions that might narrow your choice:
-you get out of doge with the BOB , but to where ?
-what is your skillset what would you need to do xyz ( gas mask , shelter, water, food etc)
-why do you get out of doge ? what is the bob for initialy for what event ?
-whats your ressources ($ wise )
-what can you carry for how far
-whats your healt condition .
-how will you bog out with a car, a bike, a skateboard ?

well thats all i can think of

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4 15rd mags for my glock
MagLite (AA) - To be replaced by a Fenix TK20 eventually
Black Diamond Icon headlamp (AA)
8 Extra AA batteries
Work Gloves
Winter Gloves
Wool Socks
32 oz plastic water bottle (mostly full)
1 lb Turbo Shock
6 Power Bars
1 bag beef jerky
1 Small can of peanuts
Small bottle of aspirin
Some band aids and antiseptic
Some athletic tape and an ace bandage
Duct Tape
Long Underwear
Scull Cap
Hoodie Sweatshirt
Magnesium Fire starter
Number of Bic Lighters
Bottle of Butane
A bottle of Vaseline
Bag of dryer lint
Some multivitamins
Wire cutters
Small spool of wire
Several bandannas
An 8 cell battery recharger with a 12V DC Adapter
A 25watt foldable solar panel
A Midland GRMS radio with NOAA
A monocular
A small pry bar
Several Ziplock baggies
A few bullion cubes
A boonie hat
Bug Spray
Hand sanitizer
A small net
A can opener
A small metal bowl
A 6" hand saw
An emergency Survival Blanket

I'm sure I am missing a few things on this list.

I knew I was missing something. A poncho. Something to help keep you dry when it rains. I have a poncho but a trash bag would work in a pinch.
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