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So, after about 6 months of working on it, I present for your review:

My Bug Out Bag

Suggestions are greatly appreciated as I have learned a lot from y'all already!

  • potassium iodide
  • goggles
  • respirators
  • hand sanitizer
  • latex gloves
  • 3 shirts
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 3 underwear
  • rain poncho
  • soap
  • baby wipes
  • magnesium fire starter
  • can opener
  • mess kit w/ titanium spork
  • laminated map of Texas
  • hatchet
  • vitamins
  • bug repellent
  • military speedhook w/ bait
  • water purification tabs
  • ace bandage
  • iodine
  • 2 flashlights
  • binoculars
  • netting
  • emergency wind up radio (awesome during Ike)
  • compass
  • fillet knife
  • sewing kit
  • batteries
  • LED headlamp
  • sunblock
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • 3 oz. of bleach
  • 3 oz. of rubbing alcohol
  • 3 oz. shampoo
  • scissors
  • fold able trench shovel/pick (goes on belt)
  • mosquito net
  • midland walkie
  • slingshot & ammo -- don't laugh, I'm pretty good!
  • playing cards
  • soy nuts
  • 3 MRE's (I'm thinking about trading these out for Mayday bars but I need to weigh them first)
  • wire saw
  • solar shower
  • tinder
  • guaze
  • 50 ft paracord
  • Army Survival Guide
  • zip ties
  • duct tape
  • diet pills (I'm on the fence about these since they make you super thirsty and water is such a heavy item)
  • canteen
  • machete

Sorry for the quality of the pics, but you get the gist.

Anyway, take all this (in waterproof bags) and stick it in my large ALICE pack and there you have it! Bugging out is truly not my first choice, but if I have to I want to make sure I'm prepped. It's around 20 pounds so I've taken to walking around with it on and strength training as well.

Plus, the dog is also ready. :thumb:

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Very nice collection there! I did not see a stove of some type. I made an alcohol stove, very small and light weight. One once of HEET, or denatured alcohol, will be enought to boil 2 cups of water in just a couple minutes.

Also I would add a firearm, either a .22 LR pistol, or breakdown rifle of the same caliber. I have a Henry, US Survival Rifle .22LR, breaks down to 22" and fits in my BOB.

Good Job Kiska!

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Good call on the stove. I've been looking into solar ones that are lightweight. That's my only problem--I'm a chick and want to keep the poundage of my BOB down. LOL.

I do have some firepower and a compound bow but I didn't add them to the list as they wouldn't be in my BOB but outside the BOB or concealed on my person.

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Thanks! She's only 7 lbs but she still knows how to pull her weight AND she's an excellent mouser.
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