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Browning 300 winmag rifle scope suggestions

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Got my rifle and was shown 600 and 800 dollar scopes at the gun store.
I have been doing a lot of research and it is crazy the amount of scopes ther are.

What is really the diff between a 300 and 600 and 1800 dollar scope?

Any suggestions?

Will be hunting from 300 to 400 yard range but if SHTF a good sniper rifle as well.

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BAR or bolt

Bolt action Browning stalker II stainless 300 win mag with BOSS
muzzle breaks

Actually the BOSS SCR comes with the browining so this is OK I done need a muzzle break. I was looking for suggestions and comparisons on a good scope for my rifle..Thanks for the tips...I will get a recoil pad for sure.
Just dont want to spend more than 300 bucks on a scope and was wondering what the real diff was between 300 and 600 dollar scopes.
Thanks in advance.
Fixed versus adjustable

Thanks redrooster.
Question for all though.
I paid $900 for this beauty and was told to get a good scope.
I see fixed scopes either 4x or 6x for prices between $75 and $175.
Do you consider this a good scope?

Would it work for 50 yard shots as well as 450 yard shots?

I know nothing of fixed scopes so bear with me.

Why not a 3 - 9 X 50 adjustable...Why do you like the fixed scope on such a wide range of yardages that will be shot?

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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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