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Browning 300 winmag rifle scope suggestions

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Got my rifle and was shown 600 and 800 dollar scopes at the gun store.
I have been doing a lot of research and it is crazy the amount of scopes ther are.

What is really the diff between a 300 and 600 and 1800 dollar scope?

Any suggestions?

Will be hunting from 300 to 400 yard range but if SHTF a good sniper rifle as well.

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300-400yds is going to be very doable with your Browning 300WM.

If you're not wanting to spend over $300, you have a few options for some decent glass. As someone already stated, you should be alright with the Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x50 = $299.95, Vortex Crossfire 4-12x40 = $129.95, Leupold VX-I 4-12x40 = $299.95, & the Bushnell Ellite 3200 3-9x50 = $299.95. These are some of your better scopes FOR THE MONEY!! :thumb:

As SalingH said previously, DON'T SKIMP on RINGS!!! This is sometimes peoples worse problems whn shooting MAGNUM CALIBERS. Warne Rings are good, Burris XTR Rings are good. These are all good buys for your money without spending $150+.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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