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Brother of a marine Martyr

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British man mourning the death of his Brother.


Lost my Brother in Helmand, i have decieded to join up and am hoping to use this site as a source for information on fitness and such.
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My advice do alot of running and get used to road marching take a 20kilo pack and get used to walkint 15-30 kilometers also learn how to keep your feet happy so take foot powder with you and make sure your boots fit well a leather softener on the inside helps to break em in so you dont blister as bad like mink oil rubbed into the inside heal cup

also afgan is very mountinus so you might want to hike in the scottich highlands or the mountians in wales that would give you a feel for the kind of the terrain there
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Niccolo' welcome and hello from an American living in Oxfordshire (20 years now). I hope you find what you are looking for in your time on these boards.
Welcome aboard from Canada. Sorry to hear of your loss.
My condolences for the lost of your brother. Welcome to the forum, Indiana here.
Sorry to hear of your loss.

Welcome to the Community.

" You cannot save the planet…..You may be able to save yourself and your family." - Clint Smith
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Welcome to the boards, I wish you are your family the best at this time.


Welcome to the forum from Northern California
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