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Inspired by a conversation founder James had with a French traveler Pierre during a wild journey, BougeRV was born on 2017.

How time flies! From our first launched product roof racks hit the self in April 2019, to the launch of Flash300 286Wh Power Station in July this year, we committed to provide outdoor travelers with quality products and power solutions for their appliances. We took a long journey down this road and now it's been 5 years past!

Thanks for all the love and support you've given us over the past five years, the sincere suggestions and sagacious insight are our motivation for product innovation.

Hence, we're giving away BougeRV's 5th-anniversary prize for you guys as a gift to start the next journey, take us with you!


1st prize*2: FREE 37 Quart portable fridge
2nd prize*10: 50% off code for 37 Quart portable fridge
3rd prize*50:30% off code for 37 Quart portable fridge

Product Book Yellow Font Publication

How to Play

Upload a photo of you and your favorite BougeRV products on our website or click here to enter.

And you'll get a chance to win the prize listed above!

The giveaway ends September 30th, 2022, at midnight PST, winners will be announced on October 10th, don't miss this opportunity, and wish you guys good luck!


Besides, use code BD14 at the checkout and you'll have a 14% OFF.

Applicable to all products. Take chance and get items to save money!

Click here to enter!
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