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Botulism and cans

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Two questions:

1 - I was told to be careful with beans. What is the danger of botulism and dry Pinto beans in pails or #10?

2 - Is it a good deal? At Kroger Chef Boyardee 15 oz Ravioli or Lasagna in cans for 1 for 1$?

Thank you
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I thought botulism is found only in cans that have been dented AND perforated. Or maybe that's another food poison bacteria I'm thinking of.

I buy dented cans all the time (mainly peaches), but not if it looks like they are leaking.
Are you sure that heat will denature botulism toxins? Any sources for that?
Nope, the bacteria is destroyed by heat but the toxins are not. Can't remember where I read it. But if it smells or tastes "twangy", spit it out immediately.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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