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I'm looking for a good book on wealth building that you used with successful results. Primarily something with concepts vs here's what you do...

Anything good on economics theory also.

Any recommendations you might have would really be appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

There are many books on wealth and it depends if you want specific or more general wealth building information. If are just getting started in your wealth building library, I have read a few books that gave me an introduction to some of the fundamentals of wealth building. Some of my recommendations would be:

Suzie Orman's "Women and Money" and/or David's Bach's "Smart Couples Finish Rich". This gives a practical guide to wealth building which includes how to separate your money into different accounts and rationales behind them. For example (different between checking and savings, 401K's, and IRA's Roth Ira's), and how to pick how much you should put into each depending on your financial situation. It also talk about types of insurance, wills, trusts etc.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley - Explores the trends that characterize the wealthy (accumulated over 1 million dollars in assets), who they are and analyzes their spending habits and lifestyle choices. The Main Point - they wealthy are wealthy because they live within their means.

The Little Book of Economics by Greg Ip is more of macroview of economics and not so much about how to accumulate personal wealth, but rather looks at how the economy is measured, and the trends and a historical summary of the US economy.

Hope that helps. It has definitely made me more empowered to read these.
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