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This book by D.C. Beard was first published in 1914 and went out of print long ago. It was re-printed by Digireads and is available on Amazon for about $9:
You may be able to find a free pdf online because the book is out of copyright.

D.C. Beard was one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America and was involved in scouting for many years. This book is basically a survey of the many different types of shelters a person can build from temporary to permanent. Although the instructions aren't as detailed as those found in the Foxfire books, a mechanically inclined person could probably build most of the shelters by simply studying the drawings.

Although you can find the same information on temporary shelters in any bush craft book the chapters on semi-permanent and permanent dwellings make this book worthwhile background reading for preppers. Most of the shelters may be built with pre-electricity age tools.

Caution: the easily triggered may find parts of this book offensive such as the description of a f*ggot house and distinctions of "white" vs. "native" or "*****" housing.
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