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Whats in your BOB? What exactly will you be doing with your BOB? I see some people putting together INCH bags and calling them BOBs. BOBs require BOLs, while INCH bags do not.

I have a few possible BOLs. I'll be trying to drive initially, with a trailer filled with fuel and a bicycle on the back. The BOB will be in the back seat.

My primary BOL is to go to family, however there are a few remote areas that I'm familiar with.

My ideal BOL is my fathers place, however the location and distance makes it unfeasible. (The distance is over 5,000 miles!).

So, my BOB has been tailored for a 3-7 day walk depending on circumstances, and my current BOL is about 140 miles away.

Secondary BOLs are between 200-250 miles away.

Climate is hot coastal with jungle inland and desert further inland. Plenty of ground water.

That being said, here is my BOL tailored to that environment:

Bug Out Bag

Bag - Maxpedition Vulture II, 2810ci + pouches = 3210ci


Water filter - Katadyn Pocket Microfilter, 50,000L
Bladder - 3L Platypus
Bottle - 1L Maxpedition Nalgene
Purifying Tablets - Katadyn Micropur Forte, 60 units, 60L (15ga).
Electrolyte Powder - Gatorade, 8L
Extra - Tea, Coffee


Food - Mainstay 2400 rations (3)
Pot - MSR Titan Kettle
Cup – Plastic
Utensils – MSR Titan Spoon/Fork
Towel – Denali mini
Extra - Salt, Sugar


Tent - Black Wolf Mantis 1
Sleeping Bag - Black Wolf Micron 50
Sleeping Pad – Thermarest Z-lite regular


(all earth colors, shades of gray, no blacks no cammies)

Synthetic underwear -
Synthetic pants -
Synthetic shirt -
Cargo pants -
T-shirt -
Gore-tex pants -
Gore-tex jacket -
Poncho - S2S Poncho-Tarp
Socks, walking (3) – merino wool
Work gloves -
Hat –
Belt – 5.11 duty belt
Boots - Vasque
Mosquito head net

First Aid & Health & Hygiene kit

First aid kit -
Sun screen -
Bug repellent -
Foot powder -
N95 Mask (2) -
Ballistic sunglasses -
Q-tips -
Toilet paper (1 roll)
Soap -
Moonshine - 16oz


Lighter (3) - Bic
Candle - 12hr citronella
Cotton balls + petroleum jelly
Hexamine Tablets (4)


Multi-tool - LM Charge TTi
Knife, folding - Spyderco PM 2
Knife, fixed - KH AE Kukri
550 Paracord - 110ft
Zipties (10)
Trowel - Folding trowel
Carabineers (2)
Eyelet (2) -


Duct tape
Sewing kit


Headlight – Surefire Saint Minimus (1xCR123)
Flashlight – HDS Rotary 200 (1xCR123)
Backup – Malkoff Hound Dog (2xCR123)
Holster – Blackhawk Mod-U-Lok holster
Batteries – 10 + 4

Communications & Signaling

Cell phone - iPhone 3G
Radio - Eton Scorpion + earbuds
Signal mirror - Hot Shot signal mirror
Whistle - WW-3


Firearm – Pistol, unlisted
Ammunition – 9mm, 30rnds in 3 mags
Holster - Concealed in BOB, 4s access (firearms arouse suspicion here)

Information & Navigation

1:125,000 iso Map
Wallet - small denom money, passport
Notepad - Rite-in-Rain
Writing - Pen, pencil


Optics – Monocular
Extra water container – 5L compressible
Video Camera – Sony Handycam + battery/memory

What is yours?

What did you have to leave behind due to weight?

How many days is it designed for?

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You forgot to list the football. I'd recommend carrying a small pump for it instead of leaving it inflated all the time. It will take up much less room in your pack this way.

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I finished my BOB/ Survival bag. It contains:

1 army Med ALICE Ruck w/ frame
6x 3600 Calorie survival bars
2 Bic lighters
3 Fire steel sticks
1 Ka Bar Kurki machete on the side for easy access.
1 Leatherman Multitool
1 CRKT 4'' 1* knife
5 Ponchos (Swiss)
2 sets of Poly pro undies (my size and my wife's)
2 Ski masks
4 pair waterproof socks (2 for me, 2 for the wife)
1 Glock 19, 5 loaded mags ( 3 w/ hollow points) and 3x 50 boxes of FMJ ammo
1 whistle
1 signal mirror
1 pk of 10 Solid Fire Fuel cubes
1 first Aid Kit
1 "Israeli Battle Dressing"
1 Katadyn pocket micro water filter
2 Al water bottles (1 litter each I think)
1 Army issue Tritium Compass

I'd like to add:
2 military smoke grenades (if legal to buy. IDK yet),
At least 3 road flares
camelbak attachment on the side
Maps of the Pacific Northwest
.22 Revolver & ammo

I've got a "Rite in the rain" Note book 1 permanent marker, 3 (I think) black ink pens

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How's the Maxpedition Vulture II? I've been eyeing one off for a while now and even phoned LEGear today to find out what colors they have in stock.

I'm currently using a 35L Denali Grampian for my GHB, which is very comfortable and holds everything I need for summer, but in winter I need extra gear and I'm thinking those extra 10 odd litres would do the job, not to mention the pack has a very good reputation for being very well built. While the Grampian is well built for a daypack, I'd not think it was as tough as the Vulture II.

What's in my pack:

- 2 x 1.5L bottled water
- 1 x heavy duty poncho
- 1 x Fenix TK20 (loaded with lithiums)
- 1 x Fenix HL21 (lithium battery)
- 1 x Fenix EO1 (lithium battery)
- 8 x AA lithium primaries
- 2 x AAA lithium primaries
- 1 x custom FAK
- 1 x Leatherman Wave
- 1 x SS folding trowel
- 1 x 14cm SS saucepan
- 1 x hexamine stove and 48 fuel tabs
- 1 x Sony AM/FM radio (2AA)
- 1 x leather work gloves
- 12 x 10in zip ties
- 100ft paracord
- 10 x Carmens muesli bars (yum!)
- 1 x sun hat
- 1 x change of clothes (synthetic pants and shirt)
- 2 x socks and jocks
- 2 x dust masks
- 1 x insect lotion
- 1 x Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment
- 1 x hand sanitizer
- 60 x tissues
- 1 x aluminium whistle
- 1 x fire steel
- 1 x waterproof matches
- 2 x mini BIC lighters
- 1 x regional map/city map

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If you're carrying under 45lbs, the Vulture 2 is a great pack. Not comfortable on the shoulders but it'll do the job.

Anything over 45-50lbs and I'd rather have a hip-loaded pack. That is, one that sits on the hips rather than shoulders.

Its a very useful pack. Anything over 3-5 nights outdoors and I'd rather have a larger pack and not fill it, than cram the Vulture 2 to capacity and have it riding heavy on the shoulders.


I purchased some Maxpedition pouches for it. Two general purpose pouches, one medical FR-1 pouch, a water bottle pouch, and a Triad admin pouch. I find ease of access is where this pack shines. I can have a tent up and everything inside in 5 minutes flat and nothing inside my pack will get wet because all the shelter system is attached to the outside. Regarding pouches, if I could do it again I'd buy the two general purpose pouches and thats it. Maybe the admin pouch as well, its useful when attached to the chest strap, as pictured in the link below.


Its a heavy pack, this is the trade-off for durability.


Here is my informal review of the pack, pics included.

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Mmm.... I have a 65L pack that has an internal frame and large, padded hip straps. It was my original GHB but the size seemed a little too large for the purpose. Might just stick with it for a winter GHB and use the 35L pack for warmer weather.

I really don't like packs that aren't completely comfortable, especially if you're walking long distances. Pity, I was really looking forward to a new pack for my birthday, might just have to get a new flashlight instead.
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