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These are a great LED lantern. I own a few of these and keep them in my power outage kit. Uses (4) AA batteries and runs for several hours on a set. When hung in a tent they will provide plenty of light. Fold up nice and when folded the switch is protected against accidental turn ons.

Black Diamond also makes a smaller version called the Orbit that uses (4) AAA's. I have three of the Orbit's and they work very well.

They also have a model called the Titan which uses (4) D cells. I haven't tried the Titan yet as the D batteries kind of turn me off, so to speak.

Apollo Specs:
  • Bright 3 watt LED throws out 50 lumens of light providing illumination for a 10 meter radius
  • Foldable legs have non slip grip and adjust to uneven terrain
  • Dual reflectors and frosted globe help disperse even light
  • Dimming switch provides adjustable brightness
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or the Black Diamond NRG Rechargeable Battery Kit
  • Charger port for charging NRG Battery Kit
  • Battery indicator with green, yellow and red LED's let you know your battery reserve
  • Battery indicator LED's also display charging status when using NRG battery kit
  • Handy ring on top for hanging the lantern that also folds down for storage

Black Diamond Apollo
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