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Thank you.

To make one gallon it takes:
1⁄4 oz. dried sassafras root bark,
1⁄4 oz. dried birch bark,
1⁄4 oz. dried sarsaparilla root,
1⁄8 oz. dried licorice root,
a 1" piece unpeeled thinly sliced fresh ginger,
1 split vanilla bean,
and 2 cups molasses.

That is a lot of different ingredients to produce a very small amount of product.

While I have thousands of birch trees, I do not have the sassafras, nor the licorice, nor ginger, and I can not grow vanilla here.

I could make molasses though.
That recipe is for root beer. Sasparilla would be just the root extract of the Sasafras tree, Birch beer would be from the birch tree, Ginger beer from Ginger root...etc.

You could modify that recipe for birch beer but I would use white sugar instead of molasas Birch beer is a shade between red and pink and is fairly clear and never dark.

I have some sasafras on my 10 acres....I will definately harvest root for tea and sasafras beer and also harvest the leaves for file' (sp?). Once I homestead out there I will give a hand at a herb garden which hopefully include ginger (it can be grown indoors if it gets too cold).
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