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the reason I chose this username is because my favorite hunting buddy calls me it every time I call him up to get out in the wood, or on a lake.
I'm an ex-army medic, and have hunted since 10yo. The cool thing about being a medic was range duty. If there were extra rounds, I got to train,shoot and qualify on everything we brought to the range! my C/O liked a doc that was hands on, and could be counted on.
all of my guns are for hunting, until recently when i found an old and very used yugo sks in need of TLC, M series and well used/ shot a lot, and i sincerely think it may have been involved in the conflict over there by the markings on the wood. Wouldn't that be a kick, I may have seen this rifle from the wrong end...I ran border missions before the curtain fell.
anyway, I really look forward to sharing info, and mostly hope I can learn from you.
Friend, brother at arms
God Bless America
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