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Best way to clean a nickel plated Winchester 1300 Coastal Defender

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What is the best way to clean a nickel plated Winchester 1300 Coastal Marine Defender. i heard some cleaners may ruin the metal surface.thx


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nickel cleaning

best product to clean the nickel portion of the gun w/o ruining the finish..i think i mentioned that in the title.
recommend cleaner

any good recommended brand..i think that is what i was trying to get to, but failed to be more specific, unless u want to continue to be condensending then dont bother to reply..and yes i do own/clean guns, just have not purchased one with 75% covered in nickel plating..thx
thanks for a sensible answer

10w40 engine oil.

If your intention is to polish it to a shine, try using Flitz or Maas polishing paste. Google it
thank you very much..thats the type of answer i was looking for!
i used some Break Free and a soft brush in some areas, cleaned up great..there is a very little blem of Nickel lifting on the reciever i just have to watch out for..thx for the replys..
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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