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Best Tasting Sweet Corn

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I dearly love sweet corn. I have limited growing area, so I only grow one variety. I love the taste of Silver Queen but it doesn’t last long once picked and takes a long time to mature - like 88 days.

I like real corn taste - not just super sweetness but real corn flavor.

What’s your favorite sweet corn variety and why ?
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I’ve planted silver king once in the past and it was very good.

I don’t like the super sweets as to me there is more to good sweet corn than sweetness, it has to have that corn flavor as well.

I think I’ll try silver king again.

Now for potatoes……
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Time to start thinking about spring planting! I did Bi-licious last year. It was very good. Grew well. Gonna try peaches and cream this year. I looove sweet corn.
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Many new ones indeed. But newer isn’t necessarily better. I’ve found the super sweets to have tons of sweetness indeed but less corn flavor.

So far I prefer the Se types as a happy medium, but it is hard to get samples of too many types.
I need to know what's so limiting about your area that you can only grow one variety?
For me? I grew up on that bright yellow mid-western corn belt corn, "Illini super sweet" is what I go with!
Limited square footage available
I think there's an updated Silver Queen called Silver Choice

(not shilling for Burpee etc)

Jag, what type of corn in Central Ohio do you prefer? is it all good?

had an old timer back in the 1970s always grew shoe peg.
(were the 70s really old time???)
An SE in 75 days - might be my next years trial!
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