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Best Tasting Sweet Corn

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I dearly love sweet corn. I have limited growing area, so I only grow one variety. I love the taste of Silver Queen but it doesn’t last long once picked and takes a long time to mature - like 88 days.

I like real corn taste - not just super sweetness but real corn flavor.

What’s your favorite sweet corn variety and why ?
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As long as the ears aren’t big 2 min max and then straight to ice water, larger ears or bigger batches add about a minute. I’ve seen as long as 4 minutes from some people and I have played around trying to match the quality of what we got from Evert and I haven’t succeeded. I will try your 90 seconds on a batch or two though!
I'm going to try your 90 seconds combined with freeze drying this year. I suspect it's going to be fantastic.
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