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While the gun companies seek our brand loyalty, most realize that a most companies have one or two flagship products that lead the sales and reputation. Totally subjective, but I roll this way:

Ruger sells lots of guns, but to me, the 10/22 is their all star with the Blackhawk a close second.

Remington sells the 700, 7600, but to me their best product is the 11/87 shotgun.

Browning sells the BAR, BLR, .22 handgun, but to me their best product is the Hi Power.

Winchester (sold) semi auto shotguns and bolt rifles, but their lever action 94 leads the line.

Mossberg: easy, their pump shotguns.

Beretta, their O/U's to me. S&W, the 66 or 686.

Glock, the 9mm versions like the Model 17.

Colt, 1911.

Weatherby, o/u shotguns, but to me their Vanguard line is perfection.

Any thoughts?

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Good list.
Some you missed

Springfield armory- M1A
Benelli-Combat Shotguns (M4)
Stoeger-Coach gun
Taurus- Judge (and only the judge)
Barrett- ooohhh thank god for the Barrett 50cal
Thompson Center- Muzzle Loaders
US military- The Soldiers

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Flagship models are the prime examples of the makers art. Available for anyone who can afford them, but most make do with the lesser versions or models for pricing or other reasons.

Colt = base gun(s): 1911, Official Police, Detective Special, Woodsman, SAA, all very good but......
Top End: Match Target Woodsman, Python, National Match (Gold Cup)

Smith = base gun(s): M&P (Model 10) and variants.
Top End: .44 Spl Hand Ejectors, early .44 Magnums, and lets not forget the Registered Magnums (.357).

Winchester = base gun(s):1894, 788, Model 12
Top end: Model 70 Classic (even better than the original pre-64's)

H&K = Base guns: USP, G-3, MP-5 (and variants)
Top end: 660, 770, 940 models, P-7 PSP and P-9S Target model.

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Colt- Gunsite Service Pistol
Mossberg- 590A1
Beretta- 92G Elite II
Remington- 700 VSSF in .308
Bushmaster- Patrolman's Rifle (ACR is okay but not for $2k+)
HK- Hmmmm. I gotta say P9S and the P7M13. G36 is not available to public.
Ruger: MK II and 10/22. GP-100 is close.
S&W: 686
STI: Eagle 5.0
Glock: Model 34. No question.
Sig: P220
Springfield: M1A NM
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