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best oil for oil lamp

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Hi, I have a couple of lamps and I find they smoke and get black, is there a better product to put in them to keep the glass clear and cleaner?
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Lamp oil is lamp oil. In my house we use the walmart 1 galon jugs. If your lamp is smoking you have your wick set to high. Follow the instructions from the earlier poster.
BUT all lamp oil smokes some. If it is choking you you are doing it wrong though. My grandparents tought me how to set it when I was a kid but I had to relearn it later in life when I got some lamps of my own.
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I agree with what everyone said above.
What I meant to say was "Lamp oi is lamp oil, in my house". The walmart lamp oil is easy to find and stores easily so for me is a good choice.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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