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They guys over at The Prepared put together a comprehensive guide to matches and match containers:

Honestly, I like the Cevinee Waterproof EDC Keychain Capsule Tube for a daypack, bug out bag... etc. Being able to keep a match holder on a lanyard inside the backpack is a good idea.

Small items such as match holders typically work their way to the bottom of the pack, kinda like flashlights, pocket knives... etc. I like to clip / lanyard such items so they are easy to find, and even retrieve in the dark. Over the decades I have no idea how many fires I have built in the dark. Part of the reason was waiting till the last minute, then trying to find the matches.

What kind of matches are people stockpiling, and match holders / containers?

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I carry only the NATO-NSN lifeboat matches and save red phosphorus striker plates from road flares to use as extra end caps so that I have a good striking surface. Load the unit into an unlubricated Trojan condom tied into a knot for waterproofing. Also keep the military sparklite kits with wheel-flint striker packed in coat pockets, repack old Zippos with petroleum jelly infused cotton balls in the body and extra flint tucked into packing. Ferro rod and striker on zipper pulls with PJCBs in pill fob always.

Fail safe is railroad flare, Esbit cubes and K-Bar with fatwood block.

BEST fire making drill is to gather bird nest, chop stick, pencil, finger, hot dog, brick- sized kindling to build your fire, a helmet full, dump in 5-gallon bucket fill with water and let sit overnight and get up in am and use that mess to cook breakfast.

You are allowed 20 minutes to bring a canteen cup to boil to heat and hydrate your LRP-CW ration or you fail and get to repeat the course...

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I still have 3 boxes of real diamond (white tip) strike anywhere stick matches from back in the 90's My match safe is one of the old marbles metal ones (I found) that unscrews and folds out. It has some dings where they blasted it with a shotgun but it still seals tight.

I saw some of the new green tip strike anywhere ($5 a box) locally. I might see if they are any good.

I like my ferro rods and a magnifying glass, plus the BIC'S. I have been meaning to get some of containers of those storm matches to place in kits and things.

Fire is important, you can't have too many ways to get it lit.

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The stormproof matches pictured below, are my go-to survival matches.
Carried in a free waterproof pill bottle, simple as that

That said; best to carry several means to ignite a fire.

Including several Bic or Clipper lighters, with survival caps.
(makes them waterproof, dirt-mud-lint proof & attachable to gear)

A waterproof USDB rechargeable Plasma lighter

A ferro rod & carbide striker

A conventional flint/wheel lighter, flints & lighter fluid

A Pot/Perm fire starter kit

And others, + fire starter tinder
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