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I love my XD Tactical .45

Here's what it looks like with an Insight Technologies illuminator:

I also like the fact that the XD holds 13+1, is amazingly accuarate, has a decent trigger and excellent reliability. It's almost as butt-fugly as a Glock

That thing looks like the retarded child of a Glock and a High-point.:D:

But, if it works for you, that's what counts:thumb:

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That thing looks like the retarded child of a Glock and a High-point.:D:

But, if it works for you, that's what counts:thumb:
LOL, hey, they're not THAT bad...

Here's mine for proof:

XD45 tactical w/ S&W Micro 90 light.

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this seems to be one of those questions where asking will recieve at least 10 different answers that are all equally correct.

most important, what is the purpose of this pistol? CC, range monkey, or OC/hunting sidearm?

my .02, consider taurus. cheap, reliable, lifetime warranty.

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Guys and gals, I am looking at buying a 45acp after the first of the year, give me your suggestions.

I am currently looking at the Rock Island 1911 Tactical model.

Second option is the Springfield XD.

To be perfectly honest, I have wanted a 1911 style pistol for a long time.

Please, no colt suggestions. After colt suspended sales of its AR to the general public, I said screw them, colt can go belly up.

I would like some kind of Tactical model so a light can be mounted to it.

*any suggestions might be included in an article on my blog.
Well leaving Colt out of the choice list, I have a number of suggestions.

But best for the money right now....

Custom Combat Commander by EPG

I know it's a shooter, and reliability is second to none.

If you must buy off the shelf, the XD's, Glocks, Sig's, Smith 4506/4566/457's are all great guns, the Springer GI and Mil-Spec's are a great place to get into the 1911 family.

I'm not going to bad mouth the Philippine 1911's, I can't say anything good about them except that they're cheap.

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A local gun store has a Remington 1911 R1 in stock.

Looking at getting the R1 instead of the Rock Island.
I was tempted myself; local pawn shop had one for $450 that looked like it hadnt ever been shot.

If 1911's are your thing then get a 1911...if your looking for a utility gun that you can thrash and not worry about then get the XD. I personally baby all my guns but I have noticed all the 1911's I've ever had were not even %80 reliable. Most are very finicky with ammo and mags. The XD is a product improved glock imo.

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If you are looking for a 1911, The Springfield Amory TRP is without a doubt as close to a custom built 1911 as you will find. I have one in all stainless steel. In your hand, it just feels so nice and is deadly accurate. I also have the FNH FNP-45 USG and the Glock G21 Gen 4. Both are very nice, and totally reliable. Nothing feels or shoots like the SA TRP for the money. I will say all three are big heavy guns. Not the best for CCW. IMHO TRP is best. But as far as CCW I absolutely love my Glock 27 Gen4, .40 S&W. I installed Trijicon night sights, and a Heavy Tungston Compitition Guide Rod. Just a sweetheart of a handgun. And the .40S&W is some strong round.

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A local gun store has a Remington 1911 R1 in stock.

Looking at getting the R1 instead of the Rock Island.
SIG TACPAC vs SW1911 TFP vs Rem 1911 R1

1911's that I compared
Remington 1911 R1,
S&W SW1911 TFP - Titanium Firing Pin
SIG 1911 TACPAC w/Rail

Features I rated:

Best - Largest 3-Dot = Rem R1 (3),
Middle = SIG (2),
Smallest = SW1911 (1)

Best - Rubber = SW1911 (3)
Rough Grips = SIG (2)
Last - Wood = Rem R1 (1)

Best - Rubber = SW1911 (3),
Middle = SIG (2),
Last - Rem R1 (1)

Black coated Stainless Steel = SW1911 (3) and SIG (3)
Least (black metal) = Rem R1 (1)

$550 = Rem R1 (3)
$726 = SIG (2)
$800 = SW1911 (1)

Feel in Hand:
Rem R1 bites in lower part of hand = rougher edges (-1)

SIG part #29 (Plunger Lever) sticks hard during assembly (-1)

Rem R1 "Barrel Bushing" needs cheap removal tool = too tight (-1)

SW1911 "Recoil Spring Plug" is not flat = very hard on hand (-1)

Bonus Features:
SIG had Holster and Laser included (+2)

In my public education math rating:
SW1911 TFP = 10
Rem R1 = 7

Features that are all good, but equal on my expectation: All I rate a tie!
Internal Extractor: (Rem R1)
External Extractor: (SW1911 & SIG TACPAC)
Series: 70's Series (SW1911)
Series: 80's Series (SIG & Rem R1)
Magazines: I replace with 8-rd Mec-Gar Stainless ones (Italy)
Trigger: Holes in trigger (SW1911), Solid triggers (SIG, Rem R1)
Safety: Largest (SW1911), middle (SIG), smallest (Rem R1)

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Since you mentioned Rock Island... I'd suggest a Glock 21 or 30, used. GREAT pistols, the 21 is a little big but packs massive firepower. The 30 is great, bit smaller, and can be concealed well. The 30 will take the 21's magazines, great for primary/backup combo.10+1 is better than a 1911 and smaller, lighter package. SMOOTH recoil, polymer absorbs the stress. $400 or so. Everyone has their 'favorite' but 1911 is not mine, only would have one for 'historical' value.

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I've been happy with my Taurus 1911; does well with cast bullets. Whichever 1911 you go with, consider an AA Target .22 conversion slide for it - avoid Ciener and Kimber (made by Ciener), and Marvel wasn't as good as the AA.

But I would find one of the CZ clones in .45 to hold first before I bought the 1911. There's a reason that design (EAA) is still kicking. I've had CZ75s in 40 and 9, steel and poly, and the ergonomics are great.

If you go 1911, don't be surprised if you start tweaking it - that seems to be the norm.
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