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We also all know that the military has not agreed, since about 1957. Where you been? The M1a is the "ultimate", according to Spld Inc, and the M16/AR 15 wins all the matches, or didn't you know that? Varmints and small game offer a lot more fun than big game, just due to numbers and length of hunting seasons. The AR-15, with a .22lr conversion unit, is many times more versatile/useful than the Garand. The Garand has problems with full charge commercial ammo, it bends the operating rod, and many wont feed softpoints reliably, so it's not even a big game gun, really. While the 223 is not the caliber of choice for elk, moose, or bears, it can reliably brain them at bowhunting distances, and it certainly can take deer sized game as "well" as the muzzleloaders ever did. In my experience, it takes them as well as the 30-30. No, you can't shoot at the south end of a north facing deer with it, but bullets in any caliber can be defleted by hitting the hams with such a shot, too. others can fail to penetrate all the way to the chest. So, while the AR in 223 is not perfect, it's way ahead of the Garand as a general use rifle.

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it's not a mag it's a clip ewe maggot :D:

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No, the "clip" is the little funky-azz cartridge holding box thingy that goes into the "magazine." Those are called "en-bloc clips," and they are loaded into the Garand's "magazine."

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I've nerver seen "anemic" as a way to describe any part of the Garand....
Now you have :D:
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