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Berkey water filters provide the ultimate purified water for use from any source of water. The Berkey Filter Systems set a new standard for portable water purification when they introduced the Black berkey Purification Elements, which have a life span of 6,000 gallons and have the micro- pore structure to remove viruses. Owning a Berkey Water Filter gives you the ability to utilize almost any outside natural water source and transform it to the best tasting, purest drinking water possible. PERFECT for you survivalist kit and for everyday use!

Largest inventory on the Web!

The Berkey water filter system is so powerful it is classified as a purifier. This classification shows that we far exceeds the abilities of the standard water filter. Berkey Filters remove chlorine, viruses, bacteria, arsenic, and much more to undetectable levels in the lab. The portable Berkey can be used to filter non-potable or unhealthy water in situations where electricity and pressure are not available. For normal everyday water from your faucet or for challenging environments like wells, rivers and lakes, Berkey is the most flexible and adaptable filtering system available. Berkey water costs just 1.7 cents per gallon to produce

The Travel Berkey

The Big Berkey

The Royal Berkey

The Imperial Berkey

The Crown Berkey

The Berkey Light

PF2 Fluoride Filters

The Berkey Fluoride filter acts as a post filter to the Black Berkey Purification Elements. They are threaded directly onto the bottom of the Black Filters. The Berkey Fluoride filter is capable of reducing fluoride, arsenic, MTBE, and other heavy metal ions. A set of fluoride filters can be added for 50% off when purchasing any water filter system!

Sport Berkey
The theory behind this innovation is simple. The Sport bottle's filter is designed to reduce or remove many harmful contaminants from questionable sources of water, including ponds, lakes, streams, and even water in 3rd world countries where the water isn't clean. The Sport Berkey contains a mini black berkey purification element within, which is good for 100 gallons of water. I never travel anywhere outdoors without my sport bottle, and neither should you. The Sport Berkey can be added for 50% off when purchasing any water filter system!

Waterview Spigot
The Berkey Waterview Spigot is used to to determine the water level in the lower chamber. It is compatible with all systems except for the Berkey Light and can be added for 50% off when purchasing any water filter system!

Berkey Shower Filter

The Berkey Shower Filter was designed to eliminate chlorine before it comes into contact with your skin in the shower. Showering with Chlorine can have many negative affects on one's health. The KDF 55 granules used are also capable of removing bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, scale, and water-soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury and iron. The Berkey Shower Fitler can be added for 50% off when purchasing any water filter system!

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After approximately 4 years of owning a Berkey light, an approximately 1" crack has formed around the nozzle causing it to constantly leak when it has water inside. Any ideas how to fix this?
If you ordered from us, give us a call and we can replace it for you. If you ordered from a different site, give them a call and see if they can replace it, If not, we sell replacement lower chambers for $65 here. As for fixing it yourself, I really don't have any recommendations on that. The manufacturer does not provide any advise on how to repair.
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