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My bedside defense gun.

Mossberg 500 20 gauge persuader 8 shot 20" barrel.
Elzetta ZSM light mount
Energizer 700 lumen aluminum light
Browncoat tactical 7 round shotgun cards
Soe gear single point sling
It also has a 2 point sling that goes with it. It's a quake industries the claw padded sling in mossy oak bottom land.
Limbsaver air tech pad for the fiance
Magpul sga stock
Tacstar aluminum side plate with rubber on the back side and velcro on the front.
NDZ performance red aluminum follower
NDZ performance safety in fde cerakote
Mossberg factory trigger fde cerakote
Mcarbo spring kit for the trigger. (I've had no issues with these kits and recommend them to everyone.)

The gun is painted in kg kphos which is a phosphate like parkerizing and then kg gunkoted milspec od green and then baked.

It was done by xdman in Alabama aka James Nicholas

The furniture was painted in magpul fde kg gunkote and baked.

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When you use the term Persuader I figured it was a Mossberg Persuader,
i.e. pistol grip
All my 500s/590s have Magpul Stocks
That looks real nice and persuasive
Thai is what I call a problem solver
I like it
I have all my shotguns adjusted down for a shorter LOP
Something that is real easy with the Magpul stocks
You have some real nice aftermarket upgrades
I have been wanting to have a 590 and a 500 receiver tuned by Aimpro Tactical

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That's a right pretty projector!

Some things to consider.

What PROJECTILES will you use? Presumably for "survival", as this is a survivalist board.
What situations are you preparing to survive from your bedside?

From bedside, how far do you plan to be able to engage?

Your modifications indicate you know your way around a scattergun. I keep one bedside also, but have tried it with a sling and found the sling got in my way too much to make it practical. Also tried it with an 18" barrel, and found the overall length unhandy in my home.

I live in a 2000 sq ft single story in a suburb. Houses are from 30 feet to about 45 yards from my yard and front door. I've decided that a more distant threat will call for different tool(s).

My bedside companion is a 12 gauge Shockwave equivalent with six 00 buck shells. I've patterned about 6 different loads to find one with even distribution and tight enough pattern to reassure myself of a decent strike on a 12 inch diameter target within my home. Patterns are good enough for strikes at 25 yards, the distance from front door to across the street, and from back door to privacy fence.

I do not expect that any intruders will exceed five misguided individuals with poor judgment.

If my situation changes, I will re-evaluate both that and possible responses.

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Looks like a nice HD shotgun. I have a 500 Magpul with a 22 inch barrel that my GF loves to shoot. The adjustable stock comes in real handy. I have a shorter Hogue stock on my 18 inch barrel Maverick. This gun has a more noticeable kick over the 22 inch barrel. You may be on the right track going 20 gauge. Less kick over a 12 and easier on the ears indoors.

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You need a sports cup to don if you plan to use that single point sling with a full mag and the light mounted. :eek:

Otherwise it will stop a threat. :thumb:
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