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Bayou Boy living in DFW

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Hi, I've lurked long enough and finally figured I would say "hi". I spent 7 1/2 years in the Army and have been out much longer than I was in. My wife and I are conservative, not necessarily "preppers" but, realists. Our country is not in a good place, right now.

We are Christian and believe that before the "rapture" America and it's influence on the end times will be minimized. How this will happen we are uncertain, perhaps an economic melt-down. Yes, we know all the issues and stay abreast of them.

My wife is a school teacher and is well aware of the liberalist teachings that goes on in the school system.

We also own a Thrift Store and a lot of my "preps" are gleaned from incoming inventory. I have probably one of the few stores that will work on a barter or PM basis for goods, offering store credit for PM at spot.

Money is tight, business is slow, life is good because God takes care of our needs.
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BOL - not a reasonably close one, have two distant/remote ones.

Self Sufficiency/Garden/Stored Food - On Grid, Commmunity Garden for practice but have seed stores, Have some food stored, but continually adding to it (We practice freeganism and dehydrate excess)

Reload/Cast Bullets/Practice - No/No/Yes Mini-14, Mini-30, 20g, and 12g between my wife and myself Chose the Mini's because they represent 5.56 and 7.62x39 so smaller semi with both rifle and pistol functionality, 20g for sm game, 12g for larger 1k 5.56, 1k 7.62, 500ea 20 & 12

Premaculture/Wild Foods - I grew up on the bayou and in the swamp, learning area specific plants.
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