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I have a Nitecore P10(800 Lumen), GREAT light, prob one of my better, But as usual, I'm interested in a P12 (1000 Lumen)I have a LOT of lights (Flashlights, head lights, lanterns, etc.), I love flashlights/lanterns.
I could start a username over at CPF, but I thought i'd try here first.

here are the statistics for the two flashlights (lumens and expected time from batteries), and both using the same CREE XM-L2 U2 LED

18650 battery
800LM 4.5 hr
290LM 9hr
40LM 26hr

2CR123 battery
800LM 1.5hr
290LM 2.5hr
40LM 10.5hr

18650 battery
1000LM 1.5hr
240LM 6hr
70LM 28hr
1LM 520

2CR123 battery
1000LM 1hr
240LM 5hr15min
70LM 20hr
1LM 300hr

My question is, why, on the same battery(18650), does the P10 @ 800LM last 4.5 hours, and P12 @ 1000LM only last 1.5hr?
BUT... the P10 @ 290LM lasts 9hr, and the P12 @ 240LM only last 6hr?

P10 800LM=4.5hr
P12 1000LM=1.5hr

I understand the P10 having the 800LM lasting longer than the P12's 1000LM, but why does the P10's 290LM last longer than the P12's 240LM?

Also, with (2)CR123's the P10 does 40LM for 10.5hrs, and the P12 does 70LM for 20hrs?!
I just don't get it???

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