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How do I break in my non-chrome lined rifle barrel? Heres one article from the North American Hunting Club on how and why its done. I liked this article because it explains what is to be accomplished by breaking the barrel in.
Here is a small portion from the article
Removing the fouling after every couple of shots when the gun is new allows the next few bullets to burnish and polish the imperfections a little more before they start to fill in again.

If the process is repeated often enough, the bore becomes "broken in" because it's smoother and the inevitable tool marks and other imperfections of the manufacturing process have been removed or reduced.

I have read all sorts of responces as to properly break in a new non-chrome lined rifle barrel. Some say that using JB Bore cleaner is a bad thing others like this site say go for it

I'll continue to look into the topic and ultimately select somebody's version of the "proper" method. Feel free to weigh in on the topic as I find so much conflicting information it wouldn't hurt to have some more from members on this site.
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