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From the Subversive Architech

"Welcome to the rule of the gun.
Most of you are probably not even aware that this is the real source of power that those who rule wield over us. While it may have been true at one time that “those who have the gold make the rules” it is certainly true now (and has been for the entire world since WWII) that those with the most (or biggest) guns make the ultimate rules. If you doubt this principle, just take a look at the largest single aspect of governmental spending anywhere in the world today. It is especially disturbing and contrary to logic that the perceived “wealthiest” of nations outlay a greater percentage of their monetary expenditures on weapons and the necessary infrastructure support for the means of said weapons production than on anything else."

...... "Now no matter where you fall in the theoretical debate of constitutional principles, there can be no doubt that the language (albeit somewhat vague) crafted in the amendment does in fact allow the right of the people to keep and bear arms. To what extent that right is pervasive has been up to the supreme court and congressional legislation to decide. But there can be no doubt that the intention was to keep the rule of the gun forever with us.

Due to what some historians “hail” as the foresight of the amendment’s authors, the gun has become ubiquitous. And a unique paradox has resulted. For if the point was to keep the citizenry armed enough to the extent that it could one day again over throw a tyrannical, oppressive and therefore evil government, then it is only logical that those who occupy positions of said government realize this and thus would seek to ever increase the government’s armaments. By extrapolation then, the point arises that the 2nd amendment amounts to nothing more than a clever rouse. For it all but guarantees that the government must out arm its own citizenry to ensure its survival. And certainly since the mass production efforts of the military industrial complex as established during WWII, the U.S. government has led the charge of nations now blatantly armed beyond the need to secure their own preservation in perpetuity against an outraged citizenry.

And of course following on the heels of WWII was the creation of United Nations. The U.N. is of course the first truly all-world imperial government. At its command is a multi-national force of various military entities equipped with the necessary firepower to suppress any uprising by the people of any “sovereign” member nation. And despite the glorious platitudes and otherwise good natured banter that comes out of the U.N.’s talking head representatives, one need only examine the realistic nature of its supposed “security” council and the 5 permanent members of this body.

The U.S., the U.K, France, Russia, and China maintain permanent veto power of all U.N. resolutions and activities. But what is of greater and particularly disturbing interest here is that these 5 nations are also the top 5 weapon exporting nations on the planet today and have been for most of the last 50 years.
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