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I have an abundance of blackberries growing around my house and am looking for a recipe for homemade blackberry wine to try with some of them. Anyone one have one to share?

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I would take those and make a blackberry mead! Any fruit wine (other than wine from grapes) usually combines fruit, water, and extra sugar as most fruits just don't produce enough juice on their own. Most recipes you'll find will use white cane sugar, and the results will be a very "green" tasting wine that will require lots of time to mellow.

If you replace the cane sugar with honey, you'll be making a wonderful fruit mead. You can even choose to bottle it in beer bottles after fermentation with just a bit more sugar to carbonate it making a sparkling blackberry mead :thumb: I did this with strawberries once and it was so good that friends of mine served it at their head table of their wedding instead of champagne.

Here's a base recipe off the top of my noggin. Make sure you freeze and rethaw your berries before starting your wine, it breaks all the cell walls and makes the juices mor available.

10 lbs blackberries
10 lbs orange blossom honey
pure spring or distilled water
1 packet champagne yeast

1) Pour everything berries and honey in an very large pot with enough water to fill the pot. Heat to 145'F for 20 minutes. Any hotter and you'll drive off to much flavor. Any cooler and you wont kill all the bad bugs

2) Pour your step 1 material into 6 gallon bucket (sanitized). Add more water to you have 5 gallons total in the bucket. Cover and cool to room temperature.

3) Once at room temperature (less than 90 degrees), add you yeast and stir like mad (sanitized stirrer). Get LOTS of air mixed in, the yeast will need the oxygen that you drove out earlier in your heating process.

4) Cover a bucket lid with an air trap. Store at room temp, not too warm.

5) Once the fermentation slows to one bubble per minute, siphon the liquid (leave all the fruit and sludge behind) into a glass carboy and cap with air lock. Let continue to ferment slowly and further clear a month before bottling.

6) If bottling as a still wine, just bottle and cork. If sparkling, add a cup of sugar dissolved in a few cups of water to wine just prior to bottling into capped beer bottles or stoppered bottles (like Grolsch beer bottles).

7) Let age a few months in the bottle and then enjoy nectar of the gods! :D: Best served cold or cool.

Good luck!

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octotat pretty much covered it. Wine is easy.

Sterilize everything it will touch and use a good wine maker's yeast.

You can make wine from just about anything with sugar in it and if it doesn't have sugar in it add it.
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