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hey all

as many know, we relocated to the east coast of Canada, and recently got connected on the internet..

We found a nice older home ( folks around here call them "old homestead homes". anyhoo we have owned the house for about a month and only moved in recently because we had some work done to it...

We have 3 forms of heat produced to warm the house up.....we have whats called a combination furnace which burns either heating oil or wood and we had a propane heat stove installed aswell.

The basement is unfinished and we currently have no plans to finish it as we have approximatly 5 cords of wood stored around the interiors perimiter.

we unloaded our preps that came with us most of which survived but some cans developed rust on the tops ( gonna have to check if they are still good as the dates are good until 2010)

Our BOL is doing well, I cleared a small area about 2 weeks ago and camped there over night (mostly to bring back childhood memories)

Anyhoo all I am back and will return to posting regularly.....missed chatting with you all and missed posting..

catch ya soon

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