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The happens all the time during our monsoon season when thunderstorms build up in the afternoon. As the Cumulonimbus clouds collapse, the down rushing winds hit the ground and flow outward.

That causes what is seen in the video and is know officially by an obscure name of Haboob

Check out this link for more photos like that. Haboob Photos

In 53 years of being in AZ, this was the biggest and dirtiest one I have been through. We had 1/4 inch of dust all over the house, cars and yard. I and my wife spent 3 hours the morning after cleaning up downed tree branches and other debris and washing off the back and front porches along with the cars that were outside.

We live on a 53 acre man made lake and have a couple of domestic rescue geese that have adopted our yard as home. So along with them, the wild resident mallards also come up for "dinner" most every night.

During the height of this storm, I look out my back door(over looks the lake) and we had 3 geese and about 30 mallards on the back covered porch hiding from the dust, wind and flying debris. It's 30 feet from my back door/kitchen to the lake and we could not even see the pontoon boat parked there.

The sky's here in PHX the last 2 day are full of very fine dust particles like we have never seen here before.

It was one for the books :thumb:
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