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Axe Practice

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There has been many discussions about axes lately. I am a big fan of an axe. The question has been asked if you only had one tool to take to the woods what would it be. For many, it would be an axe. But, we are not born with an axe in our hand. Here are a couple of things you can do to increase you proficiency with this tool.

You don't have to be in the woods to practice. These drills can be done in your backyard. These skill drills are a little harder than you might think. Give em a try.
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Exactly an axe can be your best friend or worst enemy and actually using it is you you get familiar enough not to be a hazard instead of buying chopped wood for your house split some of your own chopping wood isn't that easy especially when trying to do a large quantity for your house just like people say hike and camp with your bob and gear also use all your gear use your knife for some stuff and use your axe for some
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