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It's too bad that metallica has sold out so badly.. Being one of their original fans when they first came onto the scene and having seen them play clubs back before they were struggling and before they lost their edge, I was totally blown away when I watched "Some Kind of Monster" by how indecisive, insecure and how much they enjoy playing the game the record execs spoon feed them, I almost wanted to cry at how they have become exactly what they promised in the early 80's that they would never become and even despised...

When Cliff died, Metallica died.. They've just been riding on the Master of Puppets coat tails for so long, nobody has really noticed, except the original fans.. As long as new kids keep eating what the record execs feed them, Metallica will still be selling record numbers of sub garage band quality and talent grade cds..

These guys wouldn't be able to get their new stuff played on free college radio stations if all they've come out with was the same quality as their recent material.. Even Robert on bass, can't revive these dullards. And they had the nerve to actually speculate that even if Cliff walked into the audition that Robert was part of, that possibly he may not even have been the guy for the job...

They are just the shell of what they were in 1985.

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