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September 18, 2009

In The Australian, health editor Adam Cresswell delivers a long, scathing judgment:,25197,26089314-23289,00.html

The document relegates primary care to an annex of the report that, even now, remains unfinished. "A lot of the initial pandemic planning really didn't see general practice as front line," says Chris Mitchell, president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
"But the reality is that it is front line because that's where people go to get their general advice."
One big early concern was that health authorities initially advised the public to visit their GP if they feared they might have flu. This was courting disaster, says Mitchell, because GPs were then faced with infected patients turning up unannounced, coughing over reception staff and other patients in the waiting room.
"The reality is in Australia we have swine flu parties all the time. We call them doctors' surgeries and hospital emergency departments," Collignon says.
"What happens with all these clinics and everything else we had? Maybe one in 100 or even one in 10 actually have swine flu, but the other nine don't; and they all get mixed together and probably give each other the infection."


This only part of the story !!!!!!
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