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Picked up a couple extra containers of LTS food the other day and noticed a size discrepancy in the packaging. I've watched the packaging shrink pretty dramatically on everyday shelf items over the past few years, but this is the first time I've noticed it for dehydrated LTS foods.

Don't know if Augason Farms changed their formula or process, or if they're adding filler to the contents to hedge against inflation, but volume and caloric value has changed. It's enough that if you're stocking up for a large number of people, that you could end up short on calories or meals over a good period of time.

I haven't noticed this in any of my other pre-packaged LTS foods, but I'm saddened that the quality of an established brand like this is changing and that there is now "less" caloric value in each container.

Morning Moo - Regular - Pre 2012
22.5 quarts (4 lbs)
Calories per serving: 80
Calories from fat: 25
Servings per container: 90

Morning Moo - Regular - Post 2012
23.25 quarts (3lb 8oz)
Calories per serving: 70
Calories from fat: 20
Servings per container: 93

I've noticed that some smaller online retailers appear to be having trouble keeping these on the shelves, and supply and demand can be a little wacky. Figured folks who track their pantries might be interested. Has anyone else noticed a packaging change in an established brand, or is this a one off?
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