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ATV bush hog for keeping the BIL/BOL clear

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I thought some of you may find this to be a interesting peice of equipment. I bought it back in 2007. It's my Swisher bush hog. I think it cost about $1400.00 not sure.It features a 14.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, and a 44" cutting deck. Some of my land sets on a steep hill. Too steep for a tractor and bushhog. So I thought with a pull behind bush hog I could control the center of gravity on a 4 wheel ATV. My 4 wheeler is a Kawasaki 300 4x4 Bayou. A little small for the 500lb bush hog. It actually has swinging blades. Some Swishers are finishing mowers it's important to know the difference.

Any way the tube tires go flat from locust thorns. I've filled them full of green slime. But I thought it would be a good idea to get solid rubber tires. Dad found me some Marathon brand solid rubber down at Northern tool equipment. The only thing was the axles on the mower was to long so we added washers to make up for the difference. Any way the terrain was to rugged for our set up, and the bearings in the wheels were detroyed after a couple of uses. So I had to switch back to the tube tires. With enough Green Slime pretty soon they'll be as good as solid rubber.

Anyway if anyone has thought about buying one and has questions feel free to ask. See pictures below.