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Attention, Virginia Gunners: ...The Senate Judiciary committee is hearing major gun-control bills this Monday, February 24, at 8 am in the Senate Committee Room A in the General Assembly, 900 East Main St, Richmond.

(After going through metal detectors go straight to the glass doors and then make an immediate right and then one more immediate right.)

Let's pack the building like we did last Monday when HB 961 was killed! The following gun bills will be heard (VCDL opposes all these bills):

H.B. 2...Universal Background Check, without CHP exemption.

H.B. 9...Must report lost/stolen firearm within 24 hours after discovering loss.

H.B. 264...Eliminates online training for CHP and it also eliminates NRA instructor training! That is a disaster for those wanting to get a concealed handgun permit, as training will be hard to find and expensive when found...

H.B. 421...Allows localities to pass their own gun control. In fact localities could ban concealed and open carry for everyone! This bill is extremely dangerous to our right to keep and bear arms!

H.B. 674... Red Flag law, but without many of the protections offered by the Senate version.

H.B. 812...One Handgun a Month with no exception for CHP holders.

H.B. 1004...Permanent protective orders take way right to keep and bear arms while in force.

H.B. 1080... Restricts even further who can have a firearm on K-12 school property.

H.B. 1083...Person who leaves a loaded handgun "recklessly" where someone under the age of 18 can have access, could be charged with a Class 6 FELONY.

H.B. 1288... Takes away gun rights for misdemeanor stalking, sexual battery, hate crime, or domestic violence...

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It is not only NOT over ... IT'S JUST BEGINNING!! The Virginia Demokcratik Soclalist party is just getting started in the removing of the freedoms of Virginians! Their term/regime is just getting started! They have BIG plans! And they have BIG backing from Bloomberg and Soros!
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