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For the record, anyone in the Birmingham, AL area should run (not walk) to Mark's Outdoors. I went today to put a Springfield SAR8 on layaway and the store had the Mother of All Pistol Sales going on. Some examples, all used:
Sig P220 (.45) with box and two magazines- $419
Springfield XD-9 & XD-40 - $399
ParaOrdnance .45 Compact -$399
S&W M&P compact in .40 S&W- $399
Ruger P89- $299
Marlin 336, parkerized, in .30-30-$299 (not a pistol, but a great buy)

And the one I bought: HK USP .40 compact-$467.61 out the door.

They had a TON of great deals on handguns and various hunting rifles.

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All you need to do now is go J & G and pick up some used HK91 mags for your SAR8. They work real good in my mine. Do not get the CETME rifle mags they did not work in my rifle.
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