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Arsenal SLR106, the perfect AK/AR mix? Thoughts?

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Ok ive been long debating which AK I want and yada yada, I am completely sold on a Galil I personally think its the best of both worlds, however I cant find one thats worth paying for and I read online the century ones are garbage, They go for around $545 tho in a couple places online, I was searching the boards here and someone mentioned the SLR106 as being a solid gun thats similiar to the Galil.

Problem here is there is NOT very much info on this or the Galil, I can barely find a youtube video on a Galil without it referring to Black Ops. Does anyone have one or the other or better yet both?

Im thinking an Arsenal SLR106 might be the way to go for me, its about as galil as it gets minus the sites (which I LOVE). Is this a solid rifle? Or would you go a different direction? Thanks for all the insight!
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Not to mention I think they (galils) generally have a bit longer of a barrel... 18+ inches IIRC? compared to 16 inches with an average AK. So, that might actually net you a little bit more velocity... but I, myself, like as short a barrel as I can get away with.

If you want a .223 rifle AK style... why not look at AK74's in 5.45. It's a Russian round designed for the guns... effective as .223... and cheap as hell. Thats my plan when some funds show up (waiting patiently).
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