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Arsenal Registration

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I recall hearing a few years ago that if you had more than a certain number of guns or more than 1000 rounds of ammunition you were legally required to register with the BATF, and allow for the possibility of spot inspections of your "arsenal". Is this still the law? If so, is it typically ignored?
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I dont believe any such law exists at the current time, the ATF website says nothing of the sort. So feel free to hoard! Muahaha cough-gag-sputter

Maybe in Illinois, California, Mass or NY, but certainly not here. I wouldn't tell anyone. It's your property. Also, an arsenal is a building where arms are stored, not the collection of guns itself.
Actually an arsenal can be both the building or the stores of weapons in it... let's see...

1. a building in which arms and ammunition are made or stored
2. a store of anything regarded as weapons

Though the building is more commonly reffered to as the "armory"
ar·mor·y (ärm-r)
n. pl. ar·mor·ies
a. A storehouse for arms; an arsenal.
b. A building for storing arms and military equipment, especially one serving as headquarters for military reserve personnel.
2. An arms factory.

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that was a rumor circulating a few years ago. Don't get caught up in rumors. Look for real issues coming up after the election. Expect gun bans to be on the table at the National level. Most likely there will be a cutoff of foreign ammo. this can be done by Presidential order. Like the cutoff of Chinese Ammo and guns a few years back. Buy what you need and what you want now. You may not be able to in the future. Expect prices to rise on rumor alone after the election.
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