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Army Survival Guide Android App

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MoMojo Technologies has just released a mobile version of the Army Survival Guide. Pair it with a Solar charger and your android phone for a must have combo.

check us out at

Find us on the market by searching for Army Survival Guide
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What an excellent idea
Sounds like a great app. :)

Too bad I hate my Droid so much that most of the time I just want to throw it against the wall and swear at Verizon for lying at me. I refuse to put any apps on it till they make the basics work as they advertised .. especially for the pile of money I spent on this pile of junk and the cost of the service, most of which they don't really provide apparently.
will there be a windows mobile version soon?
as much as i dont like people that just sign up to self promote, I spent a good hour reading this last night while trying to go to sleep. Only problem I had with it is it tends to go back to the top if I change my viewing angle.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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