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Save a life; carry a gun.
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Before the war Friedrich Pickert used this trademark for a line of inexpensive revolvers of the puppy and police configurations. Zhuk illustates the Arminius and many others. They are only unusual in that they were made in Germany rather than Belgium. allemande/artisan o p q r/a pickert friedrich gb.htm The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns: Pistols and Revolvers of the World 1870 to the Present (9781930983021): A. B. Zhuk, John Walter: Books

The older guns use the obsolete .320 cartridge, but the .32 Short Colt usually chambers. If it does not you can trim .32 Short Colt cases and handload them. If this what you have, fire a few shots and put it in your collection. It was designed as a pocket gun, a gun to be carried much and shot little.

You will probably pay three hundred or a bit more for a nice example.

The firm of Weihrauch uses that trademark today.

These should all go bang when you pull the trigger.

I have no idea of prices in the US or Germany for these. I don't know if there is or was ever a US importer. If not the price would be higher. If the gun does not meet import standards of the BATF interpretation of the Gun Control Act and if it was primarily made after that act, the value could be significantly higher.

These are not survival guns, but both the pre-war and post-war guns are interesting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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