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Armalite AR-10

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Well, after much consideration. Lots of sleeples nights (well maybe not sleepless, just kind of restless) I have made my decision. It was a toss up between the Armalite AR-10 in .308, a Bushmaster in 5.56 or an AK. I decided to go with the AR-10. I believe it to be a more versatile weapon system.

The .308 is good for large game hunting and the AR weapon platform is a "proven in combat" system. I prefer the gas piston of the AK and others over the direct impengment of the AR, so as soon as I get it, its being sent off to a company, LWRC, that can fit it with a short stoke gas piston, From there it goes to ROBAR, for their NP3 coating on the insides of the gun. If you don't know what NP3 from ROBAR is, look it up. Its fantasitc, I have it on the "inards" and slide of my pistol. Its a nickle finish fused with tefelon.

The only thing I don't like about the AR-10, is the price tag. $1300.00 for the gun, about $100.00 plus shipping for the NP3 and I don't know yet about the gas piston fitting. Wow, a bit much, but well worth it.

Just thought I'd share. Thanks
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I have a socom2 I like but much to heavy for real combat. It is a real tack driver with a 4 x12 falcon on it will hit steel all day at 800 yard. I would say both are nice but I am getting a Armalite ar 10 off to Birdsong for a USMC smear camo . I am thinking about a m76 Yugo in 3006 but both the 308,s would out shoot it I am dumping a bunch of rare ak kits to build myself a new sniper rife good lord 10.000 after getting glass but I am planning on a tac ops rifle most like in 300 mag or 300 rum I have a 338 rum with a mcree stock and meopta 4x14 it shoots real well but ammo is steep and hard to find. I have a 7mm stw in the works my 2nd one.
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