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Proverbs 22:3
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Please read this interview transcript:
Last September, there was an electronic run on the banks, $550 BILLION dollars withdrawn in ONE HOUR. If the system had not been shut down, by 2 pm. 5.5 TRILLION dollars would have been withdrawn and the U.S. economy collapsed. Within 24 hours, the WORLD economy would have collapsed.
Sorry about the caps. and I'm not trying to be alarmist, but this was not in the news. Now we are going to be 1-3 trillion more dollars in debt???
Kiss your wife, hug your kids, and be ready. We would not have had any warning if this had happened.
If you have not started to prepare yet, read this site for the next 3 hours, take notes, and start getting ready TODAY. It is never too late to start.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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