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Are you a Dummie? Downloads

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You do not need to log in or anything. These are all 'Dummies' books in pdf format.


Anatomy (just in case ;))

Auto repair

Sauces, Marinades

Baby ones


Candy making


Diseases, ailments, food allergies, ham radio, high blood pressure, foreign languages, quilting, and so many more.

I'm a huge fan of the dummies books.

Hey, and if all else fails, there's even "Pimpin' for Dummies".

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You're all welcome!

I'll check back and see if I can find a link to others. I have 2 actual books not listed, Back Pain Remedies & Canning for Dummies, that are not listed in this group. Hopefully I can find either an updated page or maybe get them scanned & uploaded myself.
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