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April 2012 Newsletter:

This is the first newsletter / community update of 2012. I'm trying out some new templates, any feedback is welcome! Special thanks to Nikon for supporting the forum and sponsoring this newsletter.

March Traffic Updates:
* New Members: 2,660
* New Threads: 6,471
* Total Posts: 113,022

Popular Threads:
* Backpack Questions
* Best water proof storage for matches?
* Hurrah! Planting Time!

Sponsor News - Nikon mount 'em up promo:
Nikon is offering a free mount with the purchase of select Nikon AR riflescopes. Nikon has expanded its precision AR optics line with the introduction of the new P-223 series, built specifically for the .223 cartridge.

The P-223 line is available in 3-9x40 and 3x32 Carbine models, each with Spot On™ optimized BDC AR-specific reticles. This limited-time promotion offers the P-223 purchaser a new P-Series AR mount—regularly priced at $49.95—to take home at the time of sale – which ends April 22nd. Get all the details at

Featured Article - Stockpiling Springtime Preps
Spring is here, that means its time to stock up on seasonal preps. The local feed and fertilizer stores are getting their seed shipments in, as well as baby chickens, fertilizer and so on. Some stores carry farm supplies all year long, some places carry them on a seasonal basis. If at all possible, find a place in your area that carries farm and livestock supplies all year long. Here in Jasper Texas we have 3 feed and fertilizer stores that carry farm supplies all year long.Read More

Featured Video - My Chicken Coop Project
It took about 2 1/2 days, but with the help of my wife and my son, we built the coop.


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I got this as an e-mail! Thanks! I really like the layout! Keep up the good work! Full of good info also!


Was I supposed to be getting these all along lol?

Thanks Kev and everyone for everything!!!


Good luck!
Good preps!
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