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I'm summarizing one of my recent blog posts about my Appleseed Weekend for those who might be interested.


The Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) has the Appleseed Project that is intended to teach you the skills you need that will make you a true rifleman (or woman!), not just a rifle owner. A lo of us have rifles, but quite a few of us don't really practice with them like we should - few of us ever really learn the how, the why, the what about our rifles and shooting skills that will improve our marksmanship abilities.

In a weekend, these volunteer instructors give 115% of their time and talent to teach you everything they know that will make you a better marksman with your rifle. Even if you've been shooting a rifle for years - I guarantee you'll learn something new or a better way of doing things at an Appleseed that will make you a better marksman.

Not only do you get some very top-quality marksmanship instruction, much of it one-on-one - but you will also learn more about the history behind the founding of this great country - the importance of rifle marksmanship skills during the times of our founders - and the sacrifices and significant events that built this nation. Things I guarantee you never learned in school and probably haven't heard before. Important things we all need to know and pass along to the generations coming after us.

Now for some details about this past weekend. It was hot. I mean super hot. Temps around 95-98 with humidity making the heat index each day way over 100. We had a grass area for shooting and a covered area for magazine re-loading and lunch break - but we were in the sun the majority of the day. Everyone was a trooper in the heat - even the children - which was amazing.

So, when you review the list of items to take with you to an Appleseed weekend - make sure you have plenty of fluids for hydration. Even if you don't go during the heat of the summer - you are going to be working, concentrating, walking, shooting - you will be active the whole weekend and you'll need to stay hydrated. Not staying hydrated will affect your vision, will give you headaches and will take away from your concentration and you won't be able to do your best. So bring plenty of water and electrolytes. For food, bring light snacks that you can munch on all day to keep your energy up. Most people had lots of fruit, granola bars, energy drinks, jerky, chips, light sandwiches - but nothing too heavy.

The instructors were top-notch and included men, women and young adults. All knew what they were doing and how to safely run a line, as well as provide one-on-one help. The first thing they had us do was to shoot at a target they call the "redcoat" target. Without any instruction before shooting, this gives the instructors a good feel for where everyone is on the learning curve.

Then we got down to business learning just what makes a good rifle marksman - six steps to firing the shot, how to use a sling properly, shooting while standing, shooting while sitting, shooting prone, transitions from standing to sitting and prone, how to make sight adjustments - lots and lots of information expertly taught by instructors who truly care that you understand and learn the information so you'll be a better marksman.

One thing I really enjoyed was the fact there was no competition among those in attendance. The only person you were ever "competing" against was yourself. Always working to make yourself better - relaxing into the sling, learning how to breathe, concentrating on the front sight, learning trigger control and follow-through, learning not to "muscle" the shot, finding your natural point of aim (NPOA) - everything it takes to make you a better marksman no matter the target distance.

Although I didn't earn my rifleman patch this weekend, I came really darn close with a 202, 205 and 209. I thought it was going to be a reality - but I kept dancing around the magic 210 number and then had a scope failure on the last qualification target - so it wasn't to be this weekend. I'll definitely go for it on another weekend though! My husband did get his - it was his 2nd Appleseed and he shot a 222 twice in a row to earn his patch.

I can't say enough good things about the Appleseed Project. If you haven't been you absolutely must go. EVERYONE needs to see what this program is all about. And I can't think of a better way to introduce our youth to rifle marksmanship and our heritage than to take them to an Appleseed Weekend.

Appleseed Schedule - click link and search by state to find one near you

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I'm gonna try to make it to the next one in my area. Sending my mom and stepdad to one next week.

I find it really helpful to have someone from outside of your group/family/ relationship to instruct. You're less likely to get upset with a stranger.
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