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Aporkalypse now

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(From time to time we see discussions on whether or not survivors will be able to "live off the land" after disaster. Well, this article shows that if the survivors live in certain parts of the country -- and like pork -- they'll probably do just fine :)

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I have never had feral hog, how do they taste? Do they have a game flavor or do they taste more like domestic pork?
Just a little gamey, I like gamey meat though. I personally like it better than domestic.

................BACON!!!!!......... MMMMMmmmmmm.......bacon.....
Yeah I like a gamey flavor as well, but venison is so lean we mix pork fat with it when we grind it for burgers, would be interesting to mix it with feral hog fat....
What are the laws in Texas on selling of wild meat? I would be very interested trying some wild hog sausage !
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