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(From time to time we see discussions on whether or not survivors will be able to "live off the land" after disaster. Well, this article shows that if the survivors live in certain parts of the country -- and like pork -- they'll probably do just fine :)

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Here in southeast Texas hogs have overun out hunting leases.

Pics taken from one of my feeders a couple of years ago. When the feeder ran out corn, the hogs knocked it over.

Another feeder knocked over by wild hogs.


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WOW....I'm pretty speechless here.

All I can think is.....LOCK AND LOAD BOYS!!!! LOCK! AND! LOAD!

Thank you Governor Perry, thank you. Legally shooting AR's from a helicopter as a what a great life!

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Pork is pork.
I had no idea that feral pigs were such a problem out west.
Gotta manage the population.
Around here.. deer are prolific. They are destructive... and tasty.
Thanks for the thread.
I haven't shot out of the side of a chopper in quite a long time. lol
Do they retrieve the wild pigs that are killed from the air?
I hate to waste meat.

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In Louisiana, they just updated the hunting laws to allow night hunting for feral hogs and coyotes. They are taking over. I've never thought to eat a coyote but feral hogs are yummy.
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