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A large company in China,


Makes very low cost Printed Circuit Boards; and had a history of fairly quick turn-around times to the US despite the distances involved. Most of the time it was about 10 business days for the lowest cost shipping option.

Now, the lowest cost shipping option is the only option.
Shipping Estimate:
$7.28 Via PostLink US Registered Mail
Delivery Time: 15-20 business days
What I suspect, is that the situation in China was suppressed as long as possible. There were individual reports that JLCPCB was rejecting legitimate design files not long before China admitted to being hit by the COVID-19 virus.

Ahhh, never mind, I think they will take every design file now.

I really do not believe it was only $2 in the past; and they were not. They were $4 for 10 boards. So, they are making it appear to be even cheaper, for incentive... but no real means of promising actual shipping and delivery.

And, yes, my current cash situation is such that I'd rather spend the ~$10 on another couple of gallons of gas. I will work with anyone that is curious and PM's me to get an order in motion.

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I ordered JLC assembly with about 200 components on five different designs, five copies of each design, on Jan 21st, the day after the New Year started, so I expected some delays. The next day I saw videos of people lining up at the hospital in Wuhan and said, UGH.

But they were good. Got my JLCPCB order February 24th, only two weeks later than expected.

Wifey won't let me touch it yet until I go in quarantine. I told her it's been 14 days now and I will sanitize the parts. She ain't having it...
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